Alumni Association

To effectively facilitate internal and external communication, build and cultivate relationships with alumni and friends, and assist to secure public and private resources to promote the mission of the University of Cape Coast.


To cultivate and build stronger relationship among all Alumni of the University and encourage them to project and protect the image of the University of Cape Coast as the University of Choice in Ghana and beyond.


To develop programs and initiatives that aim at facilitating networking among the Alumni and inspire them to have pride in their association with the University of Cape Coast and to tangibly support the University’s mission and success


Congratulations on the successful completion of your program of study at the University of Cape Coast. You can now call yourself proud alumni of the University of Choice. You will carry this unique title for the rest of your life. Be inspired and have pride in your association with the University and your fellow Alumni. Joining the Alumni Association will offer you the jealous opportunity to connect with the University and to network with other Alumni. Please note that what you do with your lives define the stature and reputation of your alma mater because you represent its base of support in the corporate world. We gladly welcome you to this wonderful family.

The University of Cape Coast is committed to bringing alumni closer than ever. As part of the University’s plans, members who join the Alumni group are entitled to the benefits below:

  • Online application of transcript, attestation etc.
  • Free career advice
  • access to eLibrary
  • Invitation to important events
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Special offers