1. Strengthening Alumni Connection with the UCC in support of the University’s development
  2. The Advancement Campaign, Agenda 2025-Looking into the Future

Strengthening Alumni Connection with the UCC in support of the University’s development

Our Alumni appear to be disconnected from their alma mater. Their support in terms of ideational and financial towards the development of the University is seriously insignificant. This primarily stems from the fact that an accurate database of our alumni has not been compiled and no formidable structures are consistently built pursuant to reaching out to their alumni and maintaining ties with them.

The Institutional Advancement Office is required, among other core activities to provide a new professional impetus to what appears to be an underperforming Alumni Relations Office in the strict sense of developing programs and initiatives that hold the potential to strengthen alumni connections and encourage lifelong support for their alma mater.

This project is therefore designed to improve upon existing structures and adopt effective strategies to help build the seeming gap between the University of Cape Coast. The focus will be on building a reliable database of our alumni and subsequently develop an effective communication structure that will enable the University to connect with alumni through constant communication, events, programs, services, volunteer and philanthropic opportunities. Furthermore, the project is aimed at facilitating networking among the Alumni and inspires them to have pride in their association with the University and their fellow alumni and to tangibly support the University’s mission and success    

The project builds upon the database of some few alumni that the University has identified. The project will be executed by the Institutional Advancement Office, in collaboration with the National Executive Committee of the University of Cape Coast Alumni Association and in association with the Office of the Dean of Students, University of Cape Coast



  • This project seeks to build a formidable and well structured Alumni Database for the University of Cape Coast.
  • To build effective communication systems towards connecting to our alumni
  • To create the needed structures and platform to make the Alumni relevant to the day-to-day running of the University

Project Strategy

This project will be divided into four phases

  • Students Awareness creation of Alumni activities and students-Alumni networking and mentorship
  • Alumni contact research and building of young alumni database
  • Building 500 Institutional and International chapters of the Alumni Association
  • Building effective network systems between the University and the Alumni Association and among members


Expected accomplishments

  • An integrated platform built to help manage the alumni database and communication systems
  • Alumni of the University properly positioned to play their active role as a key stakeholder


Project Management:

This project will closely be monitored and constantly evaluated by the Alumni Relations and Communication and Marketing Units under the Institutional Advancement Office with support from the National Alumni Association.


The Advancement Campaign, Agenda 2025-Looking into the Future

An initiative of the University of Cape Coast implemented through its Advancement Office, which seeks to push further the University’s mission to secure a University of Choice. It sets a 10-year agenda for the University to achieve specific targets in three main areas, namely:

  1. Campus Enhancement
  2. Innovation
  3. Public Services

The campaign is situated within the University’s corporate strategy which mentions among others as follows:

  • Create an environment that seeks to improve student life, foster student-focused learning and students with ethics and commitment to society.
  • Develop and strengthen integrated ICT infrastructure and facilities that robustly support teaching and learning, research and outreach.
  • Improve upon physical infrastructure and support services that enhance teaching and learning, research and outreach.

TARGET: To raise an amount of GHS10million every appeal year for the next 10years to realize the campaign objective. We invite you to join us in visualizing this dream and bringing it to reality.


The campus enhancement facet of the Advancement Campaign seeks to model the university into a modern university with state of the art facilities to be fine-tuned with technological advancement. Aesthetically, the campaign would facilitate beautiful sceneries that would enhance the physical environment of the University to attract its stakeholders and make it the obvious University of Choice. This campaign would factor into consideration two thematic areas:

  • The physical environment, embodying the lawns/grounds, road networks, paintings, washrooms, and recreational facilities.
  • Safety & Security embody providing security and safety facilities.


Green spaces, courtyards, floral décor, hedgerows, etc.


Presently, only a few recreational facilities exist: volleyball, basketball, badminton courts, hockey pitch and Football Park available at scattered venues and accessible only to sportsmen and women. We look forward to having a recreational complex that would be the hub of all sporting events, a relaxation Centre, swimming pools, gymnasiums and other facilities to help students and the entire university community release stress.


The University can boast of the main road that leads from the entrance of the Administration Block through to the new site and science which can be regarded as motorable. More can be done, especially on the roads connecting the Amamoma, Ayensu, Apewosika, Kwaprow, and Kwesipra to the main campus road network.


Many of the washroom facilities on campus, especially in the halls are in a deplorable state. The pressure on the facilities as a result of an increased intake of students worsens the situation. Asa, we project the image of the University of Choice, the campaign adds its uncompromising voice to ensure that washrooms on campuses see a facelift.


Many of the buildings and structures on campus are deteriorating because of poor maintenance culture. In the future, we would like to see buildings painted every year and renovated frequently.



The Advancement campaign is driven by the passion to ensure a safe and secure environment to facilitate the teaching and learning process. This includes ensuring that our basic school children live and learn under safe and secure conditions.


Over the years the university primary school has been hit greatly by accident on the Cape Coast-Takoradi Highway is knocking down their pupils as well as other pedestrians who attempt crossing the busy road. To halt this problem the campaign is set out to build a simple footbridge adjacent to the central gate to ensure safe access to the school. The footbridge would help salvage the carnage reported on the Highway and the attendant injuries it leaves victims.


The next phase is set to have security posts at vantage points specifically between the community and the university campus to reduce crime rates on campus and ensure the promise of achieving the status as the University of Choice for current and prospective students.  


This component aims at creating at least 1,000 jobs on campus for students, especially needy ones within the set time frame. The University looks forward to having students developing their critical and analytical faculties and making relevant use of same in the area of entrepreneurial activities. The immediate focal point of this component is in the area of creating food joints and laundry services.


Being a University established to provide the educational sector with teachers, we find ourselves located amidst communities deprived of quality basic education with schools regarded as third grade. There is a call on the university to help the young ones within such communities better their grades into second cycle institutions, in line with this; the advancement campaign has identified two major actions to solve this problem. These are the Community Teaching Project (CTAP) and Home Based Teaching programmes with the aim of getting students to be public-spirited, community-driven and patriotic citizens.